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When disaster strikes, there aren’t enough medals to go around to honor all those who get into gear and help neighbors in need. Each year, the American Red Cross responds to more than 70,000 emergencies and natural disasters across the country. More than half a million Red Cross volunteers and 35,000 employees provide relief and comfort for victims. Each of these people make a difference for families who have lost their homes, possessions, and loved ones.

This design challenge celebrates these everyday heroes who are donating blood, serving meals, and providing shelter when the need is the greatest. With their help, communities and families are able to rebuild their lives and put disaster behind them. The chosen design will be available at Threadless, and 25% of the sale from each tee will go to the American Red Cross.

*The purpose of this challenge is to create a stand-alone design inspired by the theme, not a brand tee. Your design should not have brand names or logos on it.

My design:


I was thinking about the blood bags and how they store blood to give to the people who need it. So I was going to draw the normal rectangular bag… then I had this idea… why not turn the blood bag into the shape of a heart… after all the heart is what pumps the blood around the body. The heart is also symbolic of love and hope. So by donating you blood you are potentially saving a life giving someone else hope and allowing them to be with the people that they love and who love them.The heart is life… without your heart - you have no life… 

There a other arrangements this design can take.. but for now.. I will stick to these three…might rearrange one for Positive Posters ..=)


Graphic Designer 

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